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"I have studied and trained under Katy for almost 8 years now. When I first started, I was 70 pounds overweight and out of shape. Every class, Katy is supportive and encouraging, always pushing people to go further and to try harder. I would come into class complaining about this, that, or the other thing, and Katy would simply tell me to push through.

Some people may find her intimidating because of her physical abilities, but spending 10 minutes in one of her classes dispels that notion. Yes, she will work you hard. Yes, she will push you for everything you’ve got. But you’ll never have more fun than you do in one of her classes.

We celebrate successes, such as the 70 pounds I’ve left in the dust, or the front splits that I can finally do. We laugh when it hurts, which makes the hurt seem insignificant. Katy is always on the lookout for a new exercise to make ourselves better. True to her nature, when Katy comes to class grinning, we know we’re in for it. And that simply makes it more fun. There are few instructors/trainers who can turn a difficult class into an almost family gathering quite the way that Katy can, and I appreciate her all the more for it."
-Tom Parrish, 2nd Degree Black Belt and Instructor at Blue Ash Shaolin-Do

"As a Pilates instructor and martial artist, I was looking for a class to take my fitness to the next level. Be it a coincidence, good timing, or an act of God, I found Katy Moeggenberg’s I Chin Ching class. With her background in dance, martial arts, yoga, and her ability to motivate her students to their absolute potential, Katy was able to meet my personal goals and then some. I am a believer in the holistic approach to overall health, and Katy is able to address not only strength, flexibility, cardio, and stamina, but also has a deep understanding of anatomy. Katy has the knowledge and experience to take her students to places that they never thought possible. I am more flexible, stronger, have more balance and stamina, and my concentration and focus has also improved as an added bonus."
-Michael Dukes, Black Belt at Blue Ash Shaolin-Do

"I’m already down to my pre-pregnancy weight…just a mere 2.5 weeks after giving birth (I had gained 20 lbs total)! And I attribute that to being active throughout my pregnancy with the belly dancing and the Tai Chi. Granted, my stomach muscles are still a bit stretched out so we have some work ahead of us to tighten those back up, but being able to zip up my jeans without the use of the belly belt extender…awesome! :)"
-Dawn, Belly Dance and Tai Chi Student at Anaya Belly Dance and Blue Ash Shaolin-Do

"I became acquainted with Katy and her dancers at a wedding reception I attended. I was so impressed with their talent that I hired them to dance at our company’s Corporate Dinner. They were a great success, and our employees still comment on what fantastic and professional performers they were. I would hire them again without hesitation."
-Debbie, Corporate Client

"I just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a phenomenal job ya’ll did at the show. Wonderful choreography, wonderful execution and precision. One of the top 5 routines I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot. Really, really special. THANK YOU!!"
-Audience member at Alhambra Night 2008

"As one of my personal favorites, Katy Moeggenberg was one of my first choices when I began a program of “Specialty Class” offerings at my studio. The grace and strength of the American Tribal style is exquisite and Katy is particularly exemplary! She is also extremely creative and brings that with her into the class room as well as her exciting performances.

Katy is a patient, well versed teacher that my Specialty Class attendees found easy to learn from, enhanced by her warm and inviting personality. Many expressed to me that they felt they gained a great deal in their dance growth from the expertise Katy shared with them. It was one of my best turnouts thus far for classes in this program and have already scheduled another teaching date.
-Kira LaFave, Owner and Event Sponsor at Kira's Oasis
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